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     Unlike the pieces in the other categories which are usually in stock and ready to glaze and ship, these are pieces which are created based on your ideas.  Examples of some of the more popular shapes are below but I am not limited to making just these pieces.  If you have an idea for custom creation, please feel free to contact me to explore the possibilities.

Green with Honey Drizzle
Canister Sets

$85, set of 3

     My canister sets are a great way to store flour, pasta, and other staples in a decorative way.  In the photo, the largest one measures 12" tall, the middle one is
10 " and the smallest one is 9".  As there are so many options such as handle style, lid design, etc I create each set when it is ordered so it can be made to your specifications.

Glaze Style: Color: with:
Number of Sets:

Blue and Red Banded
Wine Chillers

$40 each

     These are usually 12 inches tall and sized to fit a 750ml bottle of wine with room for ice water.  I can make larger sizes for champagne or unusual bottles.

Glaze Style: Color: with:


Honey with Green Drizzle
Sugar Bowls

$35 each

     A great piece to complement your decor, I make these in a variety of different sizes and shapes.  Just let me know your preferences and I'll create one for you.

Glaze Style: Color: with:


Blue with Honey Drizzle

$30 each

    Like my Sugar bowls, my creamers are a great piece to add to your kitchen.  They can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Glaze Style: Color: with:


Plum with Green Drizzle
Salt & Pepper Shakers

$40, set of 2

     Like my oil candles and bud vases each set is unique with its own twists and curves.  They vary in height, but generally are around 4" tall.  If you have a specific shape in mind, let me know when you order.

Glaze Style: Color: with:
Number of Pairs:

Plum and Honey Banded, 9 Pieces
Dinnerware Sets

$150, set of 9

     A great wedding gift!  I don't have a standard place setting so you can customize your set by ordering only the pieces you want.  For example you may create a place setting with a dinner plate, an appetizer plate, a small bowl, and a wine goblet.  Or you can order all nine pieces.  Individual pieces are:

Dinner Plate $27.00 Breakfast Plate $17.00 Appetizer Plate $10.00
Salad Bowl $20.00 Dessert Bowl $12.00 Soup Mug $20.00
Drink Tumbler $15.00 Coffee Mug $18.00 Wine Goblet $25.00
Glaze Style: Color: with:
Number of Sets:


Blue with Green Drizzle
Communion Sets


     My Pastor once asked me to make him a Communion Set and since then I've made several, often ordered as gifts to be given to Clergy upon their ordination.  The price varies based on the size of the pieces.

Glaze Style: Color: with:
Number of Sets:


Red and Blue with Honey Stems
Custom Goblets


     One of the things that sets my standard goblets apart from others is their refined, elegant style.  Sometimes people are looking for a goblet with more of a chalice-like or Medieval appearance and I make those too.  Pricing varies depending on the overall size and shape of the goblet.  

Glaze Style: Color: with:

A three handled vessel in Blue with Honey Drizzle
Custom Creations


     Let your imagination run wild!  I can work with you to create that special piece!  Whether it be a unique jug, to funerary urns, to pots and any number of other things.  If it is round, I can probably make it for you.  When inquiring about a custom creation, please use the comments field on the order form to tell me about the piece.

Glaze Style: Color: with:

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