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Wedding Wish Lists

“Wedding Registry” sounds too stuffy and formal for a such a joyous event so I like to refer to a couple's list of selected gifts as their wedding wish list.

For the happy couple . . .

    Creating a wish list is easy – just “shop” online and add items to your basket. When you've filled the basket go to the “submit order” page, provide your information and in the comments section tell me it's your wedding wish list.

    Once I've received your wish list I'll contact you to confirm the details and get a little information about you and a picture for your wish list page on the website. I will then chain my husband to his computer and your wish list will be on the website. Your friends, family and those people who you had to invite because they invited your parents to their child's wedding will then be able to visit your page and pick items from your wish list. I will also create cards with information about the wish list which you can include in your wedding invitations and announcements.

    As items are selected from your wish list I'll update the list online and keep a list so that you will know who gave you which pieces. After the big day I will ship all of the pieces you've been given. Since the “rules of etiquette” allow a wedding gift to be given up to a year after the wedding, your wish list will continue to be on the website after your wedding.

For gift givers . . .

    Click on the link for your couple's wish list.  There you will find a picture of the glaze pattern they have chosen and their wish list. Each item will have a catalog picture so you can see what you'll be giving them, but keep in mind that it's a stock picture which won't have the couple's glaze pattern on it.

    When you find the item (or items) you would like to give them, use the “add to basket” button to select them. You can view your basket by using the link at the top right of the website. The basket will display the total cost of the items you have selected. On wish list items ordered before the wedding sales tax and the cost of shipping the item directly to the newlyweds is included in the price, so don't worry about the part that says shipping will be calculated later. Once you have selected everything, click on “submit order” to be taken to the next page where you will enter your contact info so that we can complete the purchase. I don't process payments over the internet so I will call you to get a credit card number or you can mail a check. After payment is completed I will send you a receipt and a card with pictures of the actual items you have given which you can include in your card to the happy couple.

    Not getting married but still want a wish list?  That's fine!  Whether you've bought your first house, have a birthday coming up, have a husband who can't take a hint or any of 100 other reasons I can set up a wish list for you!

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