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     The majority of the glazes I use are mixed from scratch following recipes entrusted to me by my mentor when I was training.  Others come from recipes shared by other ceramics artists.  I carefully measure and mix compounds such as Cobalt Carbonate, Zinc Oxide and Custer Feldspar to create each glaze.  Precision measurement is critical as there is a balance between all of the ingredients and if there is too much of one or not enough of another it can ruin the batch.  All of my glazes are food safe and my pieces can be used in a microwave and cleaned in a dishwasher.

     Below are swatches of the glazes that I use and examples of some glaze combinations I have created.  There are literally hundreds of possible combinations and you are not limited to the combinations shown.  If you would like to invent your own combination I'd be glad to use it on your pieces.

Solid Colors
These are the ten colors of my palette, each shown individually.  Many of the pieces I throw have ridges and the glazes respond to these ridges forming variations in color.



Deep Blue



Iron Cream




     For these pieces, the swirl pattern is caused by the combination of black and white clays when the piece is being thrown. The examples show treatment of these pieces with coatings of either clear, honey, white or green glazes.

Clear Glaze

Honey Glaze

White Glaze

Green Glaze
     This glaze treatment is similar to batik treatment of textiles. The drizzle color is applied and then a coat of liquid wax is applied over it. The entire piece is then be dipped in a different color glaze. The second color does not stick to the drizzled areas because it is repelled by the wax.  Often there are interesting variations in color where the two meet.

Blue with Green

Blue with Honey

Blue with Red

Green with Honey

Honey with Green

(Green with Deep Blue & White)

Poison Dart Frog
(Plum with Green Drizzle)

Red with Green

Red with Blue

Red with Honey
Turquoise with Honey
White with Blue & Green
     This glaze treatment is achieved by dipping part of the piece in one color of glaze and then dipping the unglazed section in a second glaze. Often the area where the two glazes touch or overlap becomes a third color.

Blue & Green

Blue & Honey

Blue & Red

Honey & Red

Plum & Honey

Plum & Red

Red & Green

Turquoise & Plum
     This glaze treatment is achieved by dipping the entire piece in one color of glaze and then applying a second glaze with a sponge creating a stippled effect.

Blue with White

Green with Blue

Honey with Green

Honey with Plum


White with Blue

White with Green

White with Green and Blue

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