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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your pieces in the microwave or wash them in a dishwasher?
     Yes, all my pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Can I use your pieces in the oven?
     Yes, but they can't be subjected to sudden temperature changes.  You should place the piece with food in it in the oven when you begin preheating the oven and let everything come up to temperature together.  Don't take a piece out of the refrigerator straight into a hot oven or out of the oven and into the sink for rinsing as the sudden temperature change can cause them to break.

How do I order a piece?
     As there are literally hundreds of possible glaze combinations I  can't keep them all in stock so all pieces are glazed to order which can be usually be done within a week.  When you see a piece you like select the quantity, glazing pattern and colors using the drop down boxes.  When you have made your selection click on the "Add to Basket" button to save it to your basket.  Once you have made all of your selections, use the "View Basket" button to see your order.  From there click on the "Submit Order" button to proceed to the next page where you will enter your contact information.  Once you have entered your contact information click on "Submit Order" and your order and contact information will be sent to me.  I will contact you within a day of receiving your order to confirm the details and provide an estimated completion date.  Once your pieces are ready to ship I will send you pictures so that we can be sure you will be getting what you wanted.  When you approve the items in the order I will contact you to make payment arrangements - I accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover as well as checks.

Do you have anything that is ready to ship right away?
     I am always making pieces as I prepare for the Fine Art Festivals where I exhibit my work and I often have pieces in my studio which are waiting to be packed for the next festival.  Since this inventory changes so quickly I am not able to list them on the website, but if you are looking for something that you need right away please use the shopping basket system to select the piece you would like and then in the comments section note that you are looking for a piece which can ship right away.

How much will shipping be?
     Since I have so many different sized pieces, it is hard for the shopping basket system to calculate a realistic shipping cost.  I have found that Priority Mail service from the Post Office is the most cost effective way to ship most items.  Sometimes for larger orders UPS will have better rates.  As a rough estimate small items such as mugs, goblets, oil candles, bud vases, olive plates and small chip and dips usually cost $6 for the first pair and $2 for each additional pair.  Large items such platters, bowls, medium and large chip and dips, and bowl sets start around $9.  When your order is ready I will pack it and let you know how much shipping will be.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
     If your order is shipped to Pennsylvania then, as a Pennsylvania business, I am required to collect sales tax and send it off to our Governor so he can do whatever it is he does with it.

I would like to give a gift from a wish list, but would like to personally give it rather than having you ship it.  Is that possible?
     Yes, I can ship wish list items to the giver instead of directly to the recipient.  There, however, will be a shipping charge.

I don't see mint glaze listed in the options, how do I order a piece with mint?
     My mint color is the result of a reaction between the white and green glazes during firing.  It can only be created on pieces which have white glaze.  To order a piece with mint on it, specify it as solid white glaze and then make a note in the comments section that you would like mint.

Do you wholesale?
     Yes I do.  Please contact me through the shopping basket system and I will call you to discuss the possibilities.

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